Galaxy Wifi

Managed Wifi/LANs for Residential SMEs with up to 50 devices bundled with fibre or eLTE service.


  • Mobility within the office/Residence: An internal Wi-Fi network means the end of employees being tethered to their desks to do excellent work. Internal Wi-Fi allows employees to work at their desk, in a conference room, or in any other location.
  • Increased collaboration: Employees can now be located anywhere in the office or residences and still have access to key documents and information, they can work in teams or groups very easily. This can help reduce delays and enhance productivity.
  • Simpler infrastructure: When your office/residence goes wireless, it’s simpler to organize your staff. Desk locations, adding new employees, and office layout are no longer dictated by wires and cables (which can be quite expensive to purchase and maintain). You probably don’t want to eliminate cable.

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