Galaxy Ultra-Premium

Super High-speed, High-Availability Internet Access over fibre, eLTE and Microwave technology for Medium, Large Enterprises (MLEs) and Government MDAs / SMEs who insist on HOSTING PUBLIC FACING SERVICES ON-PREMISE. As service options, Galaxy provides multiple upstream capacity and dual ISPs with internet load balancing and DNS load balancing as well as inbound line failover


  • Super High-speed browsing (> 20mbps)
  • Ability to host public facing services on-premise
  • Available in several service options – from residential to high availability (multiple provider) services
  • Unlimited data upload/download (Non-Volume Based)
  • Quality of Service and Traffic Shaping
  • Unrestricted browsing and access to entertainment services (video and audio/music streaming, Apple iTunes, Netflix, Online streaming services etc., Online Games on multiple devices
  • Service Level Agreements (95% – 98% Availability)
  • Low latency (terrestrial)
  • Standard and Premium bandwidth service plans
  • Centralized Administration, Monitoring and Reporting
  • Encryption for traffic in transit, Universal Threat Management and Information Security
  • Content and URL filtering
  • High availability and redundancy (Upstream and Last mile)

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