Internet Services


10 – 45 Mbps High Speed Internet connectivity for MDAs, Government VIP Residences, Private Residences and Small Office/Home Office (SOHO) with Unlimited data downloads (Non-Volume Based). Suited for access to cloud based multi-media services, streaming and entertainment services.

It has option of managed Wifi Residential Area Networks (RANs) and can support (up to 30 devices)


>45Mbps Super high-speed, high availability internet access via terrestrial last mile with unlimited data upload/download (Non-Volume Based) capacity for Medium, Large Enterprises (MLEs) and Government MDAs / SMEs who insist on HOSTING PUBLIC FACING SERVICES ON-PREMISE.

As service options, we provide multiple upstream capacity and dual ISPs with internet load balancing and DNS load balancing as well as inbound line failover.


  • 10 Mbps + super speed internet connectivity
  • Fiber-To-The Home (FTTX) and/or eLTE bundle of services for Housing Estates.

Terms and Conditions apply.


  • 10 Mbps + high speed internet connectivity and unlimited data downloads
  • Dedicated Fiber-To-The Office (FTTX) and/or eLTE bundle of services for small or home offices.

Terms and Conditions apply.

GBB Solo

10 Mbps + internet cconnectivity

  • eLTE connectivity service for single users.

Terms and Conditions apply.