Internet Access Service

​​Enables customers to be connected to the Internet through the Galaxy (1GDN) network via any gateway device and at all designated locations.

Standard Services Features

  • Service plans in terms of bandwidth (network speed) and based only on customer profiling (observed bandwidth utilization)
  • Services are subject to Acceptable Use Plan (AUP). Restricts access to high demand services and sites during peak work hours
  • Content filtering, monitoring and protection from malware clogging
  • Monthly bandwidth utilization monitoring reports
  • Up to 256 Private IP addresses per location
  • Up to 3 Live (NATed) IP addresses per service plan
  • Bandwidth capacity planning services (upgrade notifications to customers)
  • Quarterly preventive maintenance per location with reports

Optional Service Features

  • Service plans in terms of data consumption. Unlimited speed.
  • Non-managed/regulated access to the internet (Requires signing of GB Indemnity Agreements)
  • Up to 8 live IP addresses on demand
  • Bandwidth utilization monitoring and employee/host internet management services
  • Comprehensive maintenance including LAN  health check and optimization
  • UTM/End point protection, Redundant service with automatic failover
  • Zero restriction on internet services and sites at all times
  • Redundant (alternative media) back-up link with automatic failover
  • Hotspot services (individual user log-on authentication, management and billing)​

Service Hours

According to Scheduled Service Times (SST)​

Service Support

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Standard Service Targets​

  • Provide 98% availability within Scheduled Service Times
  • Guarantees Latency (Round Trip Delay) not greater than 300ms for terrestrial based services and 900ms for Satellite based services
  • To process requests for Minor Movements, Additions or Changes (MMAC) within 2 Business Days
  • Restore services within 4 hours for a severity 1 outage; 24 hours for a severity 2 outage and within 96 hours for a severity 3 outage