GovNet Direct

Government Intranet Portal for collaboration, content sharing and management. High productivity and collaboration team sites integrated with the Central Government Intranet Portal (Govnet) for templated services to MDAs – correspondence management, access to government publications, computer-based training/testing, Access to e-Cabinet (FEC EDMS), file sharing and standard G2G or G2E processes like correspondence management, file registry automation etc 


  • Restricted to bona-fide Government employees with Directory level access rights
  • Document management
  • Access to published documents, gazettes, circulars
  • Ability to share important information amongst user groups
  • Automated business process workflows
  • Correspondence management and tracking
  • Mobile access
  • Integrates with email
  • Share forms or other important documents through the portal
  • Teams set up and collaboration
  • Institutional memory and knowledge base
  • Powerful key word search and retrieval
  • Guaranteed intra-departmental collaboration
  • Security and Authorized multi-level access

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